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    First: General Things You Want to Know

Superbowl 2015

  • Where are you?
    The Greater Phoenix area covers a lot of territory and more than 25 cities and towns, many of which are adjacent to one another. People here live, work and play in many of those communities. We don’t call everything a suburb of Phoenix; some are major cities that stand on their own. Still, Phoenix is the largest city, by population, in Arizona and is the 6th most populous city in the U.S.
    – Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is in Downtown Phoenix.
    – Scottsdale is east of Phoenix, and covers about 185 square miles in a 31-mile strip that runs along the eastern part of Maricopa County. Downtown or      Old Town Scottsdale is not far from the airport. North Scottsdale is farther.
    – Glendale is west of Phoenix, northwest of Downtown Phoenix
    – Tempe (home of Arizona State University) is near the airport, just south of Scottsdale and  Might Also Want to Know…
  • Who else is here?
    Aside from nearly four million people who live in Maricopa County, October through April is considered high season in the desert. That’s because the weather is usually quite mild and there are plenty of outdoor activities that you won’t find at this time of year in wintry  states to the north and in Canada. So, while you are here, you will find that many rates are seasonable higher. Resorts, hotels, rental cars, golf rates  – they are all priced for high season. In addition to you, our football guests, a few hundred thousand people in the Valley of the Sun at this time of year are regular winter visitors, many of whom live here for up to six months in the fall/winter in either their vacation homes or RVs.You Might Also Want to Know…

    What will the weather be like
    Do I look like a weather girl? Seriously, I can’t predict the weather. On another page about the Super Bowl I promised that there won’t be any snow. Snow in the desert? Really? Yes, it happens. So does rain. Just not as often as in other parts of the U.S. In the winter we have nights where the temperatures dip below 30°F. The good news is that it is not unusual for daytime temperatures to warm up by 30 or 40 degrees by the afternoon. Keep in mind that the temperatures you will see on the news are those measured at the official weather station at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport; outlying areas and those at higher elevations will be colder.You Might Also Want to Know
         Second: Football!

          Pro Bowl – January 25
    Many of the best football players in the NFL will play in the Pro Bowl in Glendale one week before Super Bowl.
    Details, Tickets, Location

              Super Bowl – February 2

Of course, the big game. As I write this I don’t know who will play; there are some great teams in the playoffs!  The game is played in the same                                   stadium as the Pro Bowl, in Glendale.
Details, Location, Dates

               NFL Experience – January 24 through February

                   The official NFL theme park celebrating the big game takes place in Downtown Phoenix

Details, Dates, Location


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